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5 risks that you should be looking out for when you invest in a hedge fund.

Investing in a Hedge Fund can reaps great rewards, however, like other investments, there can be scams lying around, always do your due diligence before you place your millions into any investments.

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Here are 5 risks that you should look out for when you invest in a hedge fund

Verify the company license and the Team members are REAL and have a strong service providers

For Singapore context, you can check if the company is legit from the Monetary Authority of Singapore Financial Institutions directory: https://eservices.mas.gov.sg/fid

Read their fund prospects and ensure the strategy is feasible. Avoid those who say you have invest first to know more.

A prospectus provides details of the investment to the investment, including the fees, investment strategy and service providers the hedge fund managers is using.

Do they update their reports regularly?

(Fake hedge funds do not give their complete details of their plans to investors)

A good hedge fund manager will update their progress with their investor through a factsheet and investor reports.

Check on views and testimonials of current investors.

Are there any testimonials or investments from well-known investors? this brings up the creditability of the und manager.

Hedge Funds that give high referral fees to gain value only promise or promise impressive returns.

If this is happening to you, RUN as FAST as YOU CAN!

Make sense? Have you been through a bad experience of scams or investment? Speak with me, i will share with you how to avoid those pitfalls.

I will talk about What types of investments Hedge Fund invest in? in my next article.

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